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Within 10 days of arriving in the United States, you must report your U.S. residential address to your coordinator, even if it is not your mailing address. This is your responsibility as an Exchange Visitor. Compliance is mandatory.

If you are in J-1 status, you may request J-2 status for your legal spouse and/or your unmarried minor children under the age of 21. J-1 Exchange Visitor dependents apply for a J-2 visa using a DS-2019 Form issued by IIE.  


The Humphrey Program does not provide funds for dependents. Fellows who wish to bring their dependents are responsible for all costs, including travel expenses, living expenses, school costs, medical insurance, and uncovered medical bills. You must show that you have adequate financial resources for your family members in the following amounts: 

 Humphrey Program Policies  

  • Dependents cannot join Fellows during the Long-Term English or Pre-Academic English training programs.  
  • Any dependents who come to the United States on J-2 visas must live with the Humphrey Fellow and not elsewhere in the United States. 
  • The Humphrey Program does not provide funds for dependents. Fellows who wish to bring their dependents are responsible for all costs. This includes travel expenses, living expenses, school costs, medical insurance, and any uncovered medical bills.   
  • Please do not plan on bringing your dependents with you when you first arrive at your host campus. (The exception to this policy is for single parents who will bring a childcare giver with them.)  Your dependents may join you on your host campus on the date your Coordinator designates, usually 30 days after your arrival.

You must send several documents to IIE via your Coordinator to support your request for obtaining the DS-2019 Form needed to apply for the J-2 visa. These include: 

  • Completed Request for Dependent DS-2019 Form with Coordinator’s approval signature; 
  • Child Care Plan Form;
  • Clear copy of each dependent’s passport face page (showing passport expiration date);
  • Proof of funding (bank statement or certified letter of adequate funds from a financial institution and completed budget form);
  • Documentation of health benefits policy coverage for each dependent that is valid for the duration of his or her stay in the United States. You are responsible for ensuring that your dependents are enrolled in an adequate health benefits plan that meets State Department J-visa regulations. Failure to maintain adequate health benefits coverage for your dependents may result in termination of your grant;
  • Signed Health Insurance Coverage Requirements for Dependents form;
  • Internet estimate verifying return air ticket expense as budgeted. 

After receiving and reviewing your complete request for dependents application, IIE will contact the U.S. Embassy, Fulbright Commission, or Educational Foundation in your home country and inform them of your request. If the Embassy or Commission approves your request, IIE will process the DS-2019 forms for your dependents and mail them to you for endorsement. This process usually takes one to two weeks.IIE’s role is to process the required documentation to the U.S. Consular Section and may consider visa requests for dependents. The final decision as to whether dependents will receive J-2 visas authorizing their entry into the United States is determined by the U.S. Consular Section.

Accident and Sickness Program for Exchanges, or ASPE, is the limited accident and sickness health benefits plan offered to U.S. Department of State exchange program participants and is administered by Seven Corners, Inc. It covers medical services or supplies that are allowable under ASPE health benefit plan definitions and when provided by a provider acting within the scope of their license. Charges must be incurred while your coverage is in force to be considered a covered service. You are responsible for reading the benefits guide carefully to be sure you understand the services provided and the limitations of the policy. This policy is a participant-only plan. It does not cover any dependents. You will need to obtain separate J visa-compliant health benefits coverage for your family member(s). 

The Humphrey year is a time filled with learning, exploration, and new experiences. Adjusting to your new life in the United States will take time. Please be sure to talk to your coordinator or IIE advisor if you begin to experience any physical, emotional, or mental health issues which cause you to have difficulty fully participating in your Fellowship activities. We are aware that these situations occur, and with discussion, we can decide on the best course of action to pursue. Several options and decisions are made on a confidential, case-by-case basis for you to continue the program successfully. 

Identity theft has become a very serious issue, especially over the internet. Do not give out personal information (name, address, Social Security Number, credit card, or bank account numbers) to unknown persons, especially over the phone or email. It is increasingly common to receive marketing promotions, bargains soliciting personal information, or unknown credit card or bank representatives calling to ask for information. Be suspicious of them and consult your coordinator before giving out any information. 

Travel Funded by the Program 

As your Humphrey Fellowship Program is funded by the U.S. Government, by law, all air travel arranged for you by the Program must use U.S. carriers whenever possible, under what is known as the “Fly America Act.”   

  • Travel to the Global Leadership Forum in Washington D.C. is provided by the Program. Do not purchase your own tickets for these trips; IIE cannot reimburse you. 
  • Travel home is provided by IIE as a one-way ticket at the end of your program year. We will provide you with information in April 2023 about the travel home process. Your return travel will be booked from your last official point of program activity to your home country. If you have dependents, please note that IIE must follow strict guidelines when planning your return travel and cannot guarantee you an itinerary similar to your family’s, especially if your family is traveling on non-U.S. airlines. 


Travel Not Funded by the Program 

You are asked to make your own arrangements for travel related to individual professional development. Fares for air, rail, or bus travel within the United States constantly change, and special discount rates often become available on short notice. If you have a credit card, we strongly encourage you to explore the best fares available on the Internet. 

You must notify your University Coordinator and IIE of any overnight travel within and outside the United States. In an emergency, your University Coordinator and IIE need to be able to reach you at any time. Failure to notify your University Coordinator and IIE may result in your immediate revocation, termination, or suspension from the program. Emergency travel is not covered by the Humphrey Fellowship Program, regardless of the reason for the emergency. 


Travel Outside the United States 

If at any time during your Humphrey Fellowship Program you plan to travel outside the United States, you must discuss your plans with your campus coordinator and submit a request for approval to the IIE Humphrey Fellowship Program office. Failure to notify IIE beforehand can result in immigration issues returning to the United States, and there may be serious consequences.  


Early Departure 

The Humphrey Fellowship Program officially ends in early June. If you choose to leave the United States before June, you must obtain permission from your campus coordinator and IIE and reimburse the Program from your maintenance allowance for the days not spent in the United States. If possible, the amount will be pro-rated and deducted from the $400 travel home allowance. Any additional payment due must be sent to IIE in the form of a cashier’s check or money order and must be received before IIE can book your travel home ticket.

Humphrey Fellows are eligible to request an extension of their stay in the United States for up to six months under unique circumstances. These circumstances include: 


  • Needing additional time to complete a project with your Professional Affiliation host organization. 
  • Having a compelling reason to complete an additional Professional Affiliation. 


You can not use your extension to work towards completing a degree. You are prohibited from obtaining a degree while you are in the United States because your  J-1 visa category is that of a non-degree student.  


Requirements for Requesting an Extension:  

  • During the extension period, you must be fully engaged in a Professional Affiliation within two weeks after the program end date, and you must work full-time at your Professional Affiliation site. 
  • Before requesting an extension to begin a second Professional Affiliation unrelated to the first, you must provide a final report on the first affiliation. 
  • All documents listed on the Extension Request Documentation Checklist are required. 
  • Both your coordinator and IIE must approve your extension request. 
  •  You must be able to show proof of financial support and insurance coverage for the length of the extension. After the program’s end date in June, you will no longer receive maintenance funds or accident and sickness coverage. 
  • You may not use maintenance funds previously received from the Humphrey Fellowship Program to cover your expenses during the extension period. 
  • If you are requesting an extension beyond July, the U.S. Embassy or Fulbright Commission in your home country must also approve the extension request. 
  • Your passport must be valid for at least six months beyond the requested extended program end date. 
  • If your extension request is approved, IIE will notify you, your coordinator, and your Professional Affiliation host. 


Humphrey Fellowship Program regulations allow DOS and IIE to continue your visa sponsorship and extend the date on your DS-2019 Form for up to a maximum of six months (i.e., until December). No exceptions are made to this regulation. 


If You Have Your Dependents With You in the United States: 

  • You must notify IIE if your dependents remain with you during your extension.  
  • Your budget must reflect adequate financial support, including lodging, meals, clothing, health insurance, and school fees/daycare (if necessary) for your dependents. 
  • Upon completion of your extended program,  your dependents must return home with you.  

Your Fellowship is considered taxable income under U.S. law and is subject to U.S. tax withholding. Your income tax withholding is also covered by the Humphrey Fellowship Program. You are required to file tax returns, and you must assist IIE in this process by filling out the necessary forms and providing any tax documentation requested. You should retain copies of all receipts for your program year, including receipts for any professional development expenses. 


Please note that you will be required to complete two tax returns if your Fellowship spans two calendar years. The second tax filing will occur after you returned home from your Fellowship.