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Egyptian Humphrey Alumna Teaches Leadership Skills through Training

Shortly after returning to Egypt following her Humphrey Year, 2011-12 Fellow Mona Taha was going through a challenging job transition and re-adjusting to life in her native country. At the same time, she was seeking a way to “do something for myself and others” and implement what she’d learned in the U.S.  Taha, who studied Communications/Journalism at Arizona State University, reflected on her experiences and decided that creating a workshop on leadership – a large component of the program – would be her goal.

Over a period of four months, Taha developed all of the materials necessary for her leadership course. In January of 2013, she hosted her first two-day workshop on 'Leadership for Best Results' at the Middle East Training Center in Alexandria. Her workshop focused on enabling participants to lead a balanced life, promoting managerial capacities, identifying experiences of example leaders, creating networking opportunities, and helping trainees formulate their long-term business plans. She interwove her Humphrey experiences, including participating in the ASU Humphrey leadership seminar, volunteering with an association for the visually impaired, and completing a professional affiliation with the United Nations, into her training.

In the coming months, Taha will continue to offer similar workshops in cooperation with the Alexandria Business Association and the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, where she will present to alumni of U.S. exchange programs.