Humphrey Alumnus' NGO Receives Grant from Coca-Cola

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Humphrey Alumnus' NGO Receives Grant from Coca-Cola

On January 14, 2014, Coca-Cola Brazil and the Coca-Cola Foundation announced an investment of $2.1 million in projects intended to promote the social and economic inclusion of Afro-Brazilians in Brazil. Significantly, this is the first time in history that a multinational company has designed a project specifically targeting the underserved Afro-Brazilian community. Coca-Cola hopes that they are the first of many companies that support programs benefiting those of African descent in the country.


One NGO that will receive funding as a result of Coca-Cola’s generosity is the Instituto Mídia Étnica, an organization co-founded and directed by Humphrey Alumnus, Paulo Rogério Nunes (Brazil, University of Maryland-College Park, 2011-2012). Founded in 2005, the Instituto Mídia Étnica is the largest black media organization in Brazil. Its mission is to promote racial diversity in the Brazilian media to ensure that all voices can be heard in the public debate. Instituto Mídia Étnica will receive approximately $100,000 to help Coca-Cola design an Afro-Brazilian community media project. The community media project will help kids in the favela communities to gain the skills necessary to record videos, report news via cellphone, create blogs and use social media to build small businesses, mobilize the community and empower themselves.


In addition to being co-founder and Executive Director of the Instituto Mídia Étnica, Paulo Rogério manages the Institute’s news portal Correio Nagô, which publishes articles concerning ethnic diversity and human rights in Brazil. During his Humphrey Fellowship year at the University of Maryland-College Park, Paulo Rogério gained expertise in the use of social media. He constantly utilizes these skills in his current role. When asked how the Humphrey Program has helped him in his career, Paulo Rogério said, “The Humphrey Program was very important to me. It was because of the fellowship that I networked and connected with different key players in the U.S. This project with Coca-Cola was only possible because while I was living in the United States I had time to travel, meet people and explain why it was important to have more projects focused in the Afro-Brazilian community.”


Pictured in the photo from left to right: Paulo Rogério Nunes (Co-founder and CEO Instituto Mídia Étnica), Joe Beasley (CEO Joe Beasley Foundation), Adriana Barbosa ( Founder of Feira Preta Expo),  Xiemar Zarazúa (CEO Coca-Cola Brazil), Lisa Borders (Vice President of Global Community Connections and chair of Coca-Cola Foundation), André Santana (Co-founder Instituto Mídia Étnica).