Humphrey Program Evaluation Report

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Humphrey Program Evaluation Report

In advance of the Humphrey Program’s 40th Anniversary, ECA’s Evaluation Division commissioned General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT) to conduct an evaluation to assess the effectiveness of the Program in achieving its program goals.

  1. Fostering and strengthening the professional development of experienced mid-career professionals in critical fields.
  2. Fostering change in the Fellow’s sector whether in their individual country or geographic region, and/or globally.
  3. Fostering an intellectual exchange that encourages networking and collaboration between Fellows and U.S. citizens and universities.

Data for the evaluation were collected between January and May 2018 using three methods: a web-based survey of Humphrey Fellows, a web-based survey of American stakeholders, and indepth interviews with 60 Fellows around the globe. In total, 1,042 Fellows and 323 American stakeholders—including academic and professional colleagues, host families, and others with whom Fellows interacted during their stay—responded to the surveys. The 2018 interviews were augmented by data from interviews conducted in 2012 with 80 Humphrey Fellows from Brazil, Czech Republic, India, and Kenya.

Find the completed evaluations here for the Full Report and Infographic Report.