Congratulations to our 2020 Alumni Impact Award Recipients!

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Congratulations to our 2020 Alumni Impact Award Recipients!

This year, the Humphrey Fellowship Team received 98 proposals for our Alumni Impact Award (AIA).  AIA selection was extremely competitive; all projects proposed by our talented alumni demonstrated a commitment to public service and the values of the Humphrey Fellowship. Proposals were reviewed in depth and evaluated based on several different criteria, including feasibility, sustainability, and impact. The next application cycle for Alumni Impact Awards will open in 2021.

Congratulations to our 2020 Alumni Impact Award Recipients!

Mr. Samir Akhundov (Syracuse University, 2017-2018, Azerbaijan) "Supporting the Development of Weaving Skills in Young Girls"

Dr. Hadeel R Bakhsh (Pennsylvania State University, 2017-2018, Saudi Arabia) "Driving for Physically Disabled Women: A Pilot Training Program in Saudi Arabia"

Mr. Dev Datta Joshi (American University, 2018-2019, Nepal) "Accessing the Ballot Box: Ensuring Political Participation of 300 Persons with Intellectual Disabilities in Four Rural Districts of Nepal"

Ms. Esther Eghobamien-Mshelia (University of Washington, Seattle, 1995-1996, Nigeria) "Rural Women Succeeding as Entrepreneurs through Digital Technology"

Mr. Maxim Glagolev (Syracuse University, 2019-2020, Russia) "Coding for All"

Mr. Martin Kailie (University of California, Davis, 2017-2018, Sierra Leone) "Green Fire"

Mr. Artak Khachatryan (Cornell University, 2019-2020, Armenia) "Climate Smart Farming Training"

Dr. Olajumoke Koyejo (Virginia Commonwealth University, 2016-2017, Nigeria) "Child Intervention for Living Drug-Free Course"

Mr. Adam Kurilla (Virginia Commonwealth University, 2019-2020, Slovak Republic) "Implementing of Trancending Self-Therapy"

Dr. William Okyere-Frempong (Emory University, 2019-2020, Ghana) "Development and Production of Affordable Pediatric Incubators for Low Resource Health Settings"

Ms. Marina Ridjic (Arizona State University, 2017-2018, Bosnia and Herzegovina) "Game Changers"

Ms. Herimpitia Estelle Rolande Antilahy (University of Washington, Seattle, 2013-2014, Madagascar) "Improving Access to and Availability of Safe Drinking Water at Schools and Primary Care Centers in the Municipality of Soamanova"

Mr. Ruben Sanchez Fernandez (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2007-2008, Guatemala) "Empowering Community Leaders"

Ms. Anat Saragusti (University of Maryland, College Park, 2001-2002, Israel) "Press Freedom: Combating Hate Speech and Incitement Against Journalists in Israel"