Professional Affiliations

Professional Affiliations

What is the Humphrey Program and who are Humphrey Fellows?

The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program is a Fulbright exchange activity sponsored by the United States Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and administered by the Institute of International Education. Humphrey Fellows are young and mid-career professionals from designated countries placed at U.S. universities for 10-months of non-degree graduate-level study, leadership development and professional collaboration with U.S. counterparts. Fellows design and implement individualized programs to acquire career-related knowledge, interact with colleagues and gain professional expertise. These experiences are supplemented by university classes, field trips and site visits, and special workshops and seminars. Humphrey Fellows are J-1 visa holders and receive a maintenance stipend for housing, meals and incidentals, an allowance for professional development activities, and accident/sickness health benefits coverage meeting the J-visa requirements.

The Humphrey Program aims to:

  • Establish and enhance long-lasting productive partnerships and relationships between U.S. citizens and individuals from other parts of the world;
  • Develop leaders whose knowledge and skills have been informed by exposure to American values, models and ideas--leaders who will have a multiplier effect on their societies;
  • Expand and improve the range of international exchange and training programs; and
  • Increase U.S. citizens' knowledge and understanding of international issues and of other cultures and societies.

What is a Professional Affiliation?

A Professional Affiliation is a 6 weeks full-time, mutually beneficial placement at an organization related to the Humphrey Fellow's professional field. Each Humphrey Fellow conducts at least one Professional Affiliation during his or her Fellowship. A Professional Affiliation allows the Humphrey Fellow an opportunity to learn how U.S.-based organizations operate, as well as to contribute his or her experience and knowledge to the organization. Fellows typically complete a project during an affiliation: this might be in the form of preparing research or reports, conducting an evaluation, or contributing to a specific initiative or event.

A Fellow has reached out to me and my organization would like to host him or her for a Professional Affiliation. What do I do next?

You and the Humphrey Fellow should discuss what you hope to accomplish and learn from each other during the affiliation. The following questions may serve as a guide for your discussion:

  • What will be the Fellow's duties and responsibilities?
  • Who will be the Fellow's supervisor during the affiliation?
  • What are the dates of the affiliation? What times during the day will the Fellow work? (Please keep in mind that a Fellow may only participate in program activities until the program end date of June 11, 2021 for 2020-2021 Fellows, unless they have received a program extension.) If the organization is in a different city than the Fellow's host campus, the Fellow would only be able to complete the affiliation after academic course work has been completed typically at the end of April/early May.)
  • Are there organization events in which the Fellow should participate? Are there other colleagues at the organization with whom the Fellow should network?
  • Are there measures to let you, your organization and the Fellow know if the affiliation is successful?

Once these items have been discussed, please prepare a letter on organization letterhead detailing the following information:

  • Start and end dates of the affiliation and the hours that the Fellow will work
  • Affiliation supervisor's contact information
  • Brief description of the affiliation activities
  • Affiliation supervisor's or organization representative's signature
  • [For Fellows in the field of Public Health or Veterinary Medicine who are conducting a Professional Affiliation in a clinical setting], please include the statement in your letter: "[Fellow Name] will not be engaging in any direct patient contact and/or prescribing or administering medication as a part of his/her Professional Affiliation with [Organization Name]."

The Fellow will submit this letter as part of his or her Professional Affiliation Proposal, which must be approved by the Fellow's university coordinator as well as by contacts at the Institute of International Education.

Questions, concerns? Please contact us.