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45th Anniversary Professional Development Grant

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To mark the 45th anniversary of the Humphrey Fellowship Program, Humphrey alumni gathered across world regions to advance solutions to shared challenges and celebrate the positive impacts of Humphrey alumni in building an inclusive global society, championing good governance and human rights, and promoting sustainable livelihoods and thriving communities.

45th Anniversary Global Policy Series

Montevideo, Uruguay


17 alumni attended the Global Policy Dialogue hosted by the Fulbright Commission in Montevideo.  The event featured an alumni-led discussion on human rights in Uruguay and the region.  The event was also an opportunity for alumni to reconnect and establish new networks for future cooperation. 

Brasilia, Brazil

39 Humphrey alumni from across Brazil convened in Brasilia for a Global Policy Dialogue to discuss topics such as public health, climate change, preventing and combating corruption, and human rights.  The event was an opportunity to renew and establish new networks among Humphrey alumni and foster US-Brazil collaboration.     

Cairo, Egypt

Over 50 Alumni attended the Binational Fulbright Commission in Egypt convened at the Egypt Sustainability Conference: Economic Development, Climate Change and Public Health. The event showcased the contributions and critical value of alumni in addressing Egypt’s national agenda and 2030 vision.

Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

25 Humphrey Alumni from 12 countries came together for a Humphrey Alumni Global Policy Dialogue in Tanzania to address the challenge of food insecurity within their own countries and throughout the region. The event featured alumni-led discussions that focused on promoting food security and resilient food systems in Africa through climate-smart agriculture, sustainable natural resources management, improved market access, and women’s empowerment in community climate action.

Islamabad, Pakistan

Over 90 Humphrey Alumni from Pakistan came together for a Humphrey Alumni Global Policy Series on “Combatting Climate Change: Finding a Broad-Based Remedy for the Future” in Islamabad. Humphrey alumni discussed climate change in relation to disaster resilience, education, forced displacement, refugee assistance, media disinformation, human rights, and more.

Belgrade, Serbia

Twenty-six Humphrey alumni from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Slovenia came together for the first Humphrey Alumni Global Policy Dialogue in Belgrade, Serbia. The gathering focused on critical challenges facing the region: disinformation, economic development, education, and public health.

Kathmandu, Nepal

More than 20 Humphrey alumni came together for a Humphrey Fellowship Alumni Global Policy Series on “Post – COVID Economy of Nepal: Challenges and Remedies” at the Bi-National Fulbright Commission in Maharajgunj in Nepal. Humphrey alumni shared insights from the finance, education, and tourism sectors while brainstorming scalable solutions that could be achieved through cross-collaboration in critical policy fields.

Alumni Testimonials

Hina Tillat

University of Minnesota

Program Field: Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration

2016-2017 Humphrey Fellow

Pavle Zelic

Emory University

Program Field: Public Health Policy and Management

2021-2022 Humphrey Fellow

45th Anniversary Alumni Engagement

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