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Western Hemisphere

Western Hemisphere





Key Impact Areas

Agricultural & Rural Development

Economic Development

Law & Human Rights

Public Policy Analysis & Public Administration

Alumni Highlights

Picture of Alexandra Hill

Alexandra Hill, El Salvador, 2005-2006 Fellow

Humphrey Alumna Appointed Chancellor of Ministry of Foreign Affairs in El Salvador

Alexandra Hill was appointed Chancellor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, equivalent to the Secretary of State, in El Salvador in 2019. She completed a professional affiliation with the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Following her Humphrey Fellowship, she founded the NGO Anti-Drug Foundation and served as a member of the El Salvador National Public Safety Council, the National Drug Commission, and the National Council for Mental Health.

Picture of Alicia Guzmán León

Alicia Guzmán León, Ecuador, 2007-2008 Fellow

Humphrey Alumna Launches Initiative to Save the Amazon

Alicia Guzmán León is an Advisor for the Amazon Program at, an environmental organization dedicated to protecting forests. Ms. León and the Coordinator of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon River Basin launched the initiative “Amazonia for Life: Protect 80% by 2025” as part of an approved motion at the IUCN Conservation Congress in 2021. The motion calls to protect 80% of the Amazon by 2025. 61 governments, 600 NGOs, and indigenous peoples’ organizations voted in favor of the motion.

Picture of Stephen Whyte

Stephen Whyte, Belize, 2017-2018 Fellow

Humphrey Alumnus Receives COVID-19 National Hero in Education Award

Stephen Whyte received the COVID-19 National Hero in Education Award from the Office of the Prime Minister of Belize in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science, and Technology. Mr. Whyte was given a medal of honor for his outstanding service during the ongoing pandemic and acknowledged for his diligent work and demonstrated selfless actions in carrying out his duties since the onset of the pandemic.

Picture of Manuel Laredo

Manuel Laredo, Bolivia, 2019-2020 Fellow

Humphrey Alumnus Recognized as One of the 25 Most Important Leaders of Bolivia in 2018 by the New Economy Group

Manuel Laredo was recognized for his business leadership in creating Mamut, which develops sustainable cities by converting the rubber of used tires into a safety floor for children and sports areas for local people. This important recognition is a testament to Mamut’s corporate vision, its economic, social, and environmental impact, and its national and global reach.


Realizing Full and Inclusive Democracy in Our Hemisphere

The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program reflected on 40 years of bringing international professionals to the United States to study and collaborate with U.S counterparts. Sixty-four alumni from Latin America and the Caribbean came together at the 2019 alumni conference “Realizing Full and Inclusive Democracy in our Hemisphere” in Panama City, Panama. The conference highlighted the Humphrey Fellowship Program’s impact on democracy, good governance, and social justice within Latin America, the Caribbean, and the world, featuring alumni stories and hopes for the Fellowship.

Alumni Testimonials

Prudence Marguerite Serju, Jamaica

Michigan State University

Program Field: Economic Development

2015-2016 Fellow

Carolina Rudnick, Chile

American University

Program Field: Law and Human Rights

2015-2016 Fellow