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A core component of the Humphrey Fellowship Program is a six-week Professional Affiliation (PA) experience that allows Fellows to collaborate with U.S.-based organizations, share best practices and knowledge with U.S. professionals, and apply their classroom learning to real-world settings. Fellows serve an essential role at U.S. organizations while forming connections and impact that last long beyond their Fellowship year.

Outcomes include:

Improving policies, operations, and knowledge at their U.S-based host organization

Developing a joint program or project with U.S. and foreign colleagues

Collaborating on joint research and presentations at local, regional, and international events

Highlights of US Partnerships

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Professional Affiliation Hosts


Organizations on Average


States for Each Year

PA Host Testimonials

Danny TK Avula, MD, MPH

Director, Richmond and Henrico Health Districts

Program Field: Public Health Policy and Management

2017- Present

Toni Marsh, J.D.

Program Director, Paralegal Studies Master's Degree, George Washington University

Program Field: Law and Human Rights

2022- Present

Get Involved

Reach out to any of our Host Universities to learn how a Humphrey Fellow can contribute to your organization through a Professional Affiliation placement.  

Host Universities

You and the Humphrey Fellow should discuss what you mutually hope to accomplish and learn from each other during the 6-week affiliation. Key topics to discuss:

  • Fellow’s duties and responsibilities 
  • Will the affiliation be in-person, virtual, or hybrid 
  • Who will be the Fellow’s supervisor during the affiliation 
  • The dates and times during the day the Fellow will work 
  • Any organization events the Fellow will participate in
  • Any colleagues the Fellow will network with 
  • Any measurable outcomes to achieve by the end of the affiliation  

An official, signed letter from the host organization outlining the affiliation agreement in detail, including the dates and work to be completed. This formal letter should include the following:  

  • Start and end dates of the affiliation and the hours that the Fellow will work 
  • Affiliation supervisor’s contact information 
  • Brief description of the affiliation activities 
  • Affiliation supervisor’s or organization representative’s signature