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Impact: Humphrey Fellows enhance and promote prosperous livelihoods and contribute to society through thriving education and public health systems.

Alumni Include: Top Public Health Ministers and Officials, Education Legislators, Lead Teachers, and University Presidents

Contagious and Infectious Diseases

Humphrey Fellows work as physicians, health educators, and practitioners with management and policy making responsibilities to prevent, detect, and respond to infectious and contagious disease threats and improve global health security.

Humphrey Alumna Nurullah Awal Becomes Chair of the Global Task Force for Cholera Control in Bangladesh

After his program, Humphrey alumna Nurullah Awal became the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) Chair of the Global Task Force for Cholera Control in Bangladesh. Dr. Awal incorporates WASH practices into planning for vaccines, surveillance, and case management. He is a health advisor for WaterAid Bangladesh, where he helps promote WASH-related healthcare and develops systems of WASH advocacy for clinics. Dr. Awal believes these interventions decrease the burden on health officials in a low-cost and sustainable way.

Public Health Policy and Management

Humphrey Fellows serve in various capacities, such as physicians, clinicians with management responsibilities, health educators, and practitioners with policy-making responsibilities, that promote public health education and effective public health policies and management in their communities and country. Humphrey Fellows also work as physicians, health communication specialists, and policy analysts in HIV/AIDS policy, treatment, and prevention.

Humphrey alumna Sina Haj Amor Appointed as Director General for the Ministry of Health in Tunisia

In 2022, Humphrey alumna Sina Haj Amor was appointed Director General of the International Cooperation Unit at the Ministry of Health in Tunisia. In this new role, she served as Head of Delegation for Tunisia in the WHO Regional Committee for the Eastern Mediterranean. As the decision-making body for the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region, the Regional Committee provides a unique opportunity to reinforce WHO’s role as the trusted global health authority and to share evidence-based health information on the region. Prior to her appointment, Sina Haj Amor provided training to health professionals in the private and public sectors on measures to protect against the spread of COVID-19.

Substance Abuse Education, Treatment, and Prevention

Humphrey Fellows work in specialized areas such as community-based treatment and prevention programs, hospitals, and local or national policy agencies, that focus on problems of alcohol, drug, and tobacco use as well as broader areas of public health that relate to substance abuse, such as HIV/AIDS, mental health, medicine, psychology, social work, and counseling.

Humphrey alumnus Valeriy Ryabukha Launches Youth Project for Substance Abuse Treatment and Prevention in Ukraine

After his program, Humphrey alumnus Valeriy Ryabukha launched his project, “Evidence-Based Prevention for Children of Ukraine”. The project aimed to facilitate evidence-based prevention of risky behavior among ten- to twelve-year-old children in schools. The main objectives were to provide online training for trainers from four remote regions of Ukraine, develop prevention literature and documentaries, and implement a prevention program called “CHOICE-5”, for 600 fifth-graders from 20 schools. He worked with school psychologists, school social pedagogues, juvenile prevention police officers, and ninth-graders to achieve project goals and objectives.

Educational Administration, Planning and Policy

Humphrey Fellows work in specialized areas, such as primary and secondary education curriculum development, program design and adult learning, and teacher training, that contribute to education planning, policy development, and reform implementation at a local, regional, or national level. Humphrey Fellows also serve as teacher trainers and master teachers in the field of Teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Humphrey alumni Anura Dissanayake and Ariyaratne Hewage Plan National Education Reforms in Sri Lanka

In 2021, Humphrey alumni Anura Dissanayake and Ariyaratne Hewage were part of the Presidential Taskforce on Educational Affairs in Sri Lanka and helped shape new guidelines for all levels of curriculum, teacher training, digital learning, testing, school libraries, and the introduction of mindfulness practice in the national reforms to the education system in Sri Lanka.  Anura Dissanayake was appointed co-chair of the task force by the President of Sri Lanka, and Ariyaratne Hewage served as the Chairman of the Core-Group on General Education.

Higher Education Leadership

Humphrey Fellows serve as leaders who hold administrative or policy-making positions at institutions of higher education, non-profit organizations, or government ministries and work on policy formation, strategic decision making, and planning and management in higher education.

Humphrey alumna Philipina Philipina awarded Outstanding Professional of the Year by the Philippines Government

In 2021, Humphrey alumna Dr. Philipina Philipina was chosen by the Republic of the Philippines’ Professional Regulation Commission as the 2021 Outstanding Professional of the Year in the field of Chemical Engineering. Dr. Philipina is the Dean of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines. The “Outstanding Professional of the Year Award” is the highest award bestowed by the Commission upon a professional.  During her tenure at the University of Santo Tomas, she helped certify six degree programs locally and spearheaded the offering of international dual-degree programs in civil engineering with the Catholic University of America and metallurgical engineering with Curtin University.