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Europe and Eurasia

Europe and Eurasia





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Alumni Highlights

Laura Dittel engages with First Lady Dr. Jill Biden on response to the Crisis in Ukraine.

Laura Dittel, Slovakia, 2014-2015 Humphrey Fellow

Humphrey Alumna Engages with First Lady Dr. Jill Biden on Response to the Crisis in Ukraine

Laura Dittel met with Dr. Jill Biden on her recent visit to Slovakia and Ukraine in May 2020. She is the Director of the NGO Carpathian Foundation, a non-governmental organization actively helping Ukrainian refugees. Operating in Eastern Slovakia, which directly borders Ukraine, the Foundation immediately responded to the crisis in Ukraine. They launched a rapid grant project, “We Love Ukraine,” through which they have supported more than 60 initiatives to help more than 30,000 people who have fled Ukraine.

Portraits of elderly people.

Leila Sorbala, Moldova, 2005-2006 Humphrey Fellow

Humphrey Alumna Launches "Portraits of Power" Campaign

Leila Sorbala launched “Portraits of Power,” a campaign inspired by the way she saw elderly people treated with dignity and respect in the U.S. during her Humphrey Fellowship. As Country Director at Dorcas Aid International Moldova, the campaign centered on powerful women within various Dorcas programs. The 2021 campaign exhibited the portraits and inspiring stories of powerful elderly women from Moldova, Lebanon, Syria, Romania, Egypt, and Tanzania. The main goal of the campaign was to generate attention for the rights of older people, especially women. 

Volodymyr Sheiko on dais.

Volodymyr Sheiko, Ukraine, 2021 Distinguished Humphrey Fellow

Distinguished Humphrey Alumnus Partners with U.S. University to Launch Online Course about Ukraine

Volodymyr Sheiko, who is the General Director of the Ukrainian Institute, collaborated with the University of Washington to host an online course on Ukrainian culture and history on its Coursera platform, called “Ukraine: History, Culture, and Identities”. The course is available for free to more than 10 million users worldwide. It is a short introductory course that provides basic knowledge of Ukrainian history and culture and presents Ukraine in the global context, highlighting Ukrainian impact on European and world history.

Picture of Bekim Ramku.

Bekim Ramku, Kosovo, 2016-2017 Humphrey Fellow

Humphrey Alumnus Wins BigSEE 2020 Architecture Visionary Award

Bekim Ramku received the prestigious BigSEE 2020 Architecture Visionary Award for his creation of and subsequent work with the Kosovo Architecture Foundation. He established the foundation to enable the exchange of knowledge between international and local academics, professionals, and students of architecture in Kosovo and around Europe. He is also the founding member of “Future Architecture Platform,” the biggest pan-European architecture and design platform which works to promote up-and-coming architects and knowledge exchange within Europe and beyond. He hopes to use both platforms to promote the immediate need for architecture to become more sustainable and lower the environmental impact. The BigSee Award is given to an outstanding individual contribution to the architecture profession in South Eastern Europe.


Humphrey Alumni Global Policy Series

As the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program begins to celebrate 45 years of building impactful relationships through its educational and cultural exchange, twenty-six Humphrey alumni from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Slovenia came together for the first Humphrey Alumni Global Policy Series in Belgrade, Serbia. The gathering focused on critical challenges facing the region: disinformation, economic development, education, and public health.

Brain Gain in the Balkans: Economic and Development Strategies for a Better Future

In 2019, Eastern European alumni of the Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program came together for a one-day professional development symposium for regional leaders, “Brain Gain in the Balkans: Economic and Development Strategies for a Better Future,” in Zagreb, Croatia. This event allowed leading professionals in various fields throughout the region to network and foster engagement in cross-country and regional projects.

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