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Impact: Humphrey Fellows promote, advance, and protect human rights and freedoms.

Notable Alumni:

Rajneesh Bhandari looking into his camera.
Rajneesh Bhandari, Nepal, 2015-2016


Humphrey Fellows work in the field of media and communications, such as investigative journalism, fact-checking to combat disinformation, public broadcasting, and public relations, to foster and facilitate press freedom and transparent media in their country.

International Religious Freedom

Humphrey Fellows work on policies, programs, and projects that contribute to local, national, or international efforts to combat and monitor religious persecution and discrimination, expand rights to freely practice religions, and promote interfaith dialogue.

International Religious Freedom
Pawan Arora, Pakistan, 2021-2022

Law and Human Rights

Humphrey Fellows work as attorneys, judges, and human rights activists to advance the rule of law and human rights and freedom, such as initiating legal and judicial reform, drafting legislative policies, and leading international humanitarian efforts and programs.

Maria Filomena D. Singh, taking an oath.
Maria Filomena D. Singh, Philippines, 2009-2010

Trafficking in Persons Policy and Prevention

Humphrey Fellows work various sectors and fields, such as social work, public administration, and public health, that are focused on anti-trafficking issues.

Trafficking in Persons Policy and Prevention
Agnes Igoye, Uganda, 2010-2011