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Impact: Humphrey Fellows transform and strengthen the economic, political, social, and cultural institutional capacity of their communities and country.

Notable Alumni:

Picture of Sujeev Shakya.
Sujeev Shakya, Nepal, 2002-2003

Economic Development

Humphrey Fellows work in multi-disciplinary fields that focus on developing solutions to challenges in economic development in their community and country, such as population growth, agriculture and industrial development, labor markets, and poverty and income distribution.

Finance and Banking

Humphrey Fellows impact their country’s financial and economic development through leadership roles in the field of finance and banking, such as managing financial institutions, developing public-private partnerships, and transnational finance.
A similing Beatriz Gonzalez, holding a microphone.
Beatriz Gonzalez, Panama, 2016-2017
Dr. Abdul Malik being honored for his contributions.
Dr. Abdul Malik, Maldives, 2018-2019

Public Policy Analysis and Public Administration

Humphrey Fellows work on an array of critical public policy and administrative topics in various disciplines across local, regional, and national levels. They address issues including regional economic and workforce development planning, domestic and foreign development policies, and financial management in public and non-profit organizations.

Technology Policy and Management

Humphrey Fellows serve as technology educators, network administrators, engineers, and urban planners. They formulate technology policy and manage scientific and technological change at local, regional, and national levels.
Juan Gowland taking the stage and delivering a speech.
Juan Gowland, Argentina, 2021-2022
Human Resource Management
Lite Seruvakula, Fiji, 2021-2022

Human Resource Management

Humphrey Fellows serve in positions related to human resources that advance institutional change, setting personnel policies and procedures in their organizations and communities.