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Associate Campus Partnerships foster collaboration between existing Humphrey Fellowship host campuses and other colleges, universities, or community colleges, with the goal of expanding and diversifying engagement opportunities between Humphrey Fellows and other U.S. faculty, students, and Americans.

Host campuses partner with associate campuses to organize activities, including co-hosting conferences, workshops with Fellows and community college students on topics of mutual interest, and joint volunteer activities in local communities.

A group of individuals posed for a picture on a road, capturing the essence of nature in the background.

Cornell University and Alfred State College

As Deputy Director at NASENI, National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) in Nigeria, 2017-18 Humphrey Fellow Emmanuel Ajani delivered a solar installation training program with a team from Cornell University, Alfred State College, and NASENI. The pilot site for the training’s practical activities was Toko Village, a rural community close to Abuja, Nigeria’s capital. Training participants worked with community members to drill a fresh borehole and install a solar water pump to supply water to the community. Trainees from the program have gone on to mentor solar installers in other communities and start up their own solar installation businesses.
Men installing solar panel under the guidance of Emmanuel Ajani during the training session.
A woman and three men gathered for a picture.