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East Asia and Pacific

East Asia and Pacific





Key Impact Areas

Economic Development​

Educational Administration, Planning, and Policy​

Human Resource Management​

Urban and Regional Planning​​

Alumni Highlights

Picture of Mai Nguyen.

Mai Nguyen, Vietnam, 2021-2022 Fellow

Humphrey Alumna Brings the American Planning Association to Vietnam

After her Humphrey Fellowship, Mai Nguyen developed a partnership with American Planning Association – International Division (APA-ID) to lead a forum with MIT, Vietnam Urban Planning and Development Association (VUPDA), and the University of Architecture Ho Chi Minh City (UAH). The forum allowed Vietnamese planning educators to discuss ways to improve urban planning education in Vietnam to cope with emerging challenges such as climate change and rapid urbanization. The American counterparts expressed interest in supporting curriculum redesign and potential exchange programs, acknowledging that collaboration with groups in Vietnam poses valuable learning opportunities for American planners.
Picture of Philipina Marcelo.

Philipina Marcelo, Philippines, 2021-2022 Fellow

Humphrey Alumna Awarded 2021 Outstanding Professional of the Year by the Government of the Philippines 

Dr. Philipina Marcelo was chosen by the Republic of the Philippines’ Professional Regulation Commission as the 2021 Outstanding Professional of the Year in Chemical Engineering. Dr. Marcelo is the Dean of the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines. The “Outstanding Professional of the Year Award” is the highest award bestowed by the Commission upon a professional who has significantly contributed to the advancement of the profession.

Nazla Mariza receiving an award.

Nazla Mariza, Indonesia, 2017-2018 Fellow

Humphrey Alumna Leads Initiative to End Sexual Violence Against Children

As Influencing Director for Yayasan Plan International Indonesia, Nazla Mariza collaborated with the Ministry of Women Empowerment and Child Protection to hold a joint campaign to end sexual violence against children. Ms. Mariza was later recognized by the Minister of Women Empowerment and Child Protection during International Children’s Day commemoration in Manado City, where highlighted the importance of law enforcement, strengthening policy implementation and public services to protect the victims, and raising public awareness to ensure child protection against violence.

Rupa Mulina with the then President Barack Obama.

Rupa Mulina, Papua New Guinea, 1987-1988 Fellow

Rupa Mulina served as the former Ambassador from Papua New Guinea to the United States, with a term that began in 2014

Prior to his appointment, he worked in several public and private sector positions, including executive assistant to the chairman in Papua New Guinea’s Office of Climate Change, Secretary of Finance, and Chairman of the Rural Development Bank.


Indo-Pacific Pathways to Cooperation

The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program reflected on 40 years of bringing international professionals to the United States to study and collaborate with U.S counterparts. Approximately eighty alumni from the Indo-Pacific region came together at the 2019 alumni conference “Indo-Pacific Pathways to Cooperation” 
in Jakarta, Indonesia. The conference highlighted the Humphrey Fellowship Program’s impact on economic development, good governance, and regional
peace and security within the Indo-Pacific and the world.

Alumni Testimonials

Amy Avellano

University of Minnesota

Program Field: Law and Human Rights

2008-2009 Fellow

Yusmadi Yusoff, Malaysia

American University

Program Field: Law and Human Rights

2006-2007 Fellow