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East Asia and Pacific





Key Impact Areas

Economic Development

Educational Administration, Planning, and Policy

Human Resource Management

Urban and Regional Planning

Alumni Highlights


Indo-Pacific Pathways to Cooperation

The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program reflected on 40 years of bringing international professionals to the United States to study and collaborate with U.S counterparts. Approximately eighty alumni from the Indo-Pacific region came together at the 2019 alumni conference “Indo-Pacific Pathways to Cooperation” 
in Jakarta, Indonesia. The conference highlighted the Humphrey Fellowship Program’s impact on economic development, good governance, and regional
peace and security within the Indo-Pacific and the world.

Alumni Testimonials

Amy Avellano

University of Minnesota

Program Field: Law and Human Rights

2008-2009 Fellow

Yusmadi Yusoff, Malaysia

American University

Program Field: Law and Human Rights

2006-2007 Fellow