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Impact: Humphrey Fellows improve sustainable development, fostering solutions to address climate change, food insecurity, and natural resource management.

Notable Alumni:

Humphrey alumnus Tanvir Ahmed interacting with small-scale farmer
Tanvir Ahmed, Bangladesh, 2019-2020

Agricultural and Rural Development

Humphrey Fellows develop best practices and share knowledge in the field of agriculture and food system development to improve agricultural and rural development livelihoods in their country, respond to the urgent food security needs of people in vulnerable situations around the world, and strengthen sustainable, inclusive, and resilient food systems.

Natural Resources, Environmental, and Climate Change

Humphrey Fellows work as policy makers, natural resource and environmental managers and in various disciplines to develop solutions to address climate change and protect natural and environmental resources locally, nationally, and globally.

Natural Resources, Environmental and Climate Change
Mina Lalaoui Kamal, Morocco, 2018-2019
Humphrey Alumna, Ms. Nguyen brings the American Planning Association to Vietnam
Mai Nguyen, Vietnam, 2021-2022

Urban and Regional Planning

Humphrey Fellows work as architects, engineers, planners, urban designers, urban economists and sociologists, and historic preservation specialists in fields such as land use and urban finance management, to advance their country’s urban and regional planning development.